prediction 10: predictions are futile, it’s about agility

Especially at this time of year, we are all too fond of predictions for the coming year. And the good thing is that nobody is afraid to predict the future, as next year we will all have forgotten about our previous predictions and just have another go at being right. If you ever have some time at hand, search in google for “predictions 2014”. Sometimes it is plain hilarious to see what people predicted. And sometimes you won’t be able to tell the difference between different years, the lists are almost the same.

predictions are for fun

The lesson to be learned here is that it is very difficult to predict the future, especially in a fast-paced industry such as IT. And mind you, that pace is only increasing (some people predict this, but it’s fact of life!). So instead of trying to work out what you need to prepare for, make sure you are able to move along with every good thing that comes along.

nothing is forever, everything changes

IT itself has been preparing for this, for quite a few years. Rapid application development, cloud-based solutions, flexible scalability both upwards and downwards, pay-per-use, etc. Parties such as Google and Mendix are leading the way. They know nothing is forever, everything changes.

“The only way to deal with the future is not to predict it, but to be fast and flexible enough to participate when the right opportunity knocks on your door”.

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