Distinct way of working Incentro pays off

In the first half of 2014 a revenu of 10.1 million euros brought Incentro a growth of 39%. The profit increased to 1.9 million euros. Incentro expects the strong growth to continu in 2014 and thus resulting in the ninth consecutive year of solid growth for the ICT service provider. Nevertheless, for Incentro financial growth is not an objective in itself, but a logical and pleasant consequence of ever growing satisfaction among clients and employees.

distict approach

Incentro claims it owes its success to its culture and focus on two prime objectives. One of them is a ever growing customer satisfaction, measured using the Net Promotor Score. The other is about employee satisfactin, measured by the company’s position in the Great Place to Work competition.

The culture of Incentro is based on the ideas of people like Ricardo Semler, Richard Branson and Eckart Wintzen. These ideas are discussed in the Board of Inspiration and thus further refined to be implemented in the Incentro way of working.


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