Incentro named Hippo Gold partner

ICT service provider Incentro announces to be named Gold Partner by Hippo. Since the beginning of the partnership, mid 2013, Incentro invested a lot in knowledge of and experience with the products of Hippo. In a period of only two years, the ICT service provider has educated eighteen Certified Hippo Developers and has performed as many as six Enterprise Implementations. The Gold Partnership confirms that Incentro has in-house knowledge of Hippo CMS on the highest level.

‘’We’re happy with our acquired Gold Partner-status”, said Martijn Vrielink, Manager Online at Incentro. “We notice that Hippo takes a distinctive position in the market, strongly focused on a personalized customer experience, quick time-to-market and usability. With the new Content Performance Platform, Hippo 10, they are bringing their CMS to a next level. Partly because of Hippo’s products, our services fit marketing driven organizations with advanced ideas in the online area’’.

Hippo stated that the reinforced partnership is a logical result of Incentro’s dedication. ‘’The past years Incentro has made great leaps with regard to Hippo CMS expertise, resulting in six new projects’’, said Steven Fockema, Senior Partner Management Director at Hippo. Beside them having educated many Hippo Certified Developers, we are very impressed by the quality of the delivered projects as well as the maintenance and support. The combination of new clients, the significant increase in trained Hippo developers and the very pleasant cooperation made us decide to name them Gold Partner. Incentro is an important partner for the future. They have a diversity of expertise that is crucial to make online projects an their maintenance succeed. We are looking forward to a more intensive cooperation in the coming years.’’

about incentro

Incentro is an ICT service provider specialising in online, enterprise solutions and business intelligence. Incentro helps organizations to optimize the return on information, based on creative, innovative and above all relevant solutions. Specialism, ambition and happiness are core values in Incentro. Over 200 specialists (Incentronauts) have a strong passion for what they do. That’s why Incentro has been awarded the title ‘Great Place to Work for 4 years in a row.

Incentro works for top 500 organisations in Europe, with offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. For more information, go to www.incentro.comand get to know the #worldofincentro.

about hippo

Hippo CMS is a content management system which allows for seamless integration from marketing and IT. On all the content channels it’s possible to deliver personalized customer experiences. Hippo believes in open source, and they thus offer the ideal solution for agile development and open integration.

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