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The story

MS Schippers has passion for farming

MS Schippers has a passion for farming, and it shows. They serve the modern, professional livestock farmer by continuously developing new products and services. In their own words: they let farmers farm even better. As a part of this mission, the idea was born to develop a new app that perfectly matches the needs of the modern livestock farmer. An app that continues to work offline when farmers are busy in the barn. This way, they can order all necessary products directly. Yes, even in barns with poor or no internet connection.

What we did

App development, Design

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Digital experience, Digital commerce


E-commerce,  Livestock farming





The challenge

Order directly through an app without the need for an internet connection

Providing professional livestock farmers with a flawless shopping experience is not as easy as it seems. The main challenge is the lack of internet connection in the barn. For example, take the livestock farmers in Germany. 60% of the farmers either have a poor internet connection or no internet connection at all in the barn. Whilst they do have the need for this. 

We have looked at the different ways that livestock farmers shop and how we could improve the experience for them. Our conclusion? It would be perfect if they could order without needing to leave the barn. For example, farmer Paul is walking through the barn, checking on his cows when he notices that he has run out of a certain product. It is time to order some more disinfectant! Paul writes down the name of the product on a scrap piece of paper, and later that day he switches on his computer to order more products. But what has happened to the piece of paper...? Paul has to go back to the barn to check the name of the product.  

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could view everything in an app including products you have ordered before? Sounds good, doesn’t it? The main question therefore was: how can we make it possible for farmers to order directly from the barn, even when there is a poor or no int

At Incentro, you are drawn into the culture. We were welcome at the office, and we were always welcome to knowledge sessions and lunch. As if you are working with your own colleagues. Together we delivered an app that is used by livestock farmers worldwide - as a permanent part of their work routine.

John van Beek E-commerce Manager MS Schippers

The process

The needs of a modern farmer

Extensive fieldwork showed us that it is important to focus our full attention on the needs of modern farmers. A new app should help farmers to (re)order all the necessary materials quickly and easily from the barn. After all, in the barn the farmer sees what he needs. The most important aspect of the new application was that it was easy to reorder products.  

MS Schippers identified the needs of farmers, and we looked after the technical side. It only took us a day to come to a joint decision about the right technology: a native app for both iOS and Android.

Operates offline

Internet connection is poor for the majority of livestock farmers. 


The shopping cart on the app and on the website is always identical. 

Scan products and order directly

Are you holding a product you know you’ll need again? Simply scan and order.

Log in once

Who can remember their login details? Exactly! This is why you only need to log in once.

The result 

A user-friendly app in the barn

In the past year, the MS Schippers App has already acquired more than two thousand regular customers who together have created more than four thousand orders. Now that’s what we call a successful innovation!

We are very happy with the result of the MS Schippers App. It is precisely the combination of innovation and thinking from the end user that has resulted in this user-friendly app. Especially the option for offline ordering is a unique functionality.

Rogier van den Brink Lead & Architect Incentro

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