Atlassian offers tools to get the most out of each team

Allowing all teams in the Netherlands to work autonomously: that is not only our goal, but also that of Atlassian. In 2015, the software company asked us to become a Solutions Partner. Since then, our consultants implement the entire Atlassian Suite - including Jira and Confluence - at companies throughout the country.

agile with atlassian

Many organizations work agile to quickly respond to changes. Transparency and insight are essential in this. Yet many companies still use a jumble of tools to support their teams.

They are often not designed for openness and overview, for example because they are geared to a traditional command & control method. This makes cooperation within and between teams more difficult. The result: unnecessary complexity and frustration in the workplace.

atlassian products

The products of Atlassian are made for agile work. They are flexible, intuitive and easy to use. For example, Jira is a wildly popular backlog management tool worldwide. And Confluence ensures optimum transparency and knowledge sharing within and between teams. Thanks to extensive integration options and a Marketplace with more than 3,000 add-ons, the options are endless. In this way, together with Atlassian, we can find a solution for just about every challenge.

incentro as an atlassian partner

As one of the largest Atlassian Expert partners in the Netherlands, we are happy to help you get the most out of your Atlassian products. Because we have many similarities with Atlassian in the cultural field and we work with the Atlassian Suite every day, we understand better than anyone how the tooling can also support your processes. We can therefore help you in various ways.

added value

We are happy to be more than a supplier. "You ask, we run", we don't like that. We prefer to take you through the possibilities of Atlassian, and together with you we look for the core of your challenge. So that we can offer solutions that really make a difference for your organization.

Mutual contact is central to our approach. We also regularly organize events on agile topics, and we are happy to visit you for a customized inspiration session. Because we think you can expect that from a partner.

Customers often contact us while they do not yet know what their solution is. Or they have a solution in mind that is not possible or does not suit their problem. But we always come out. So, if you run into something and nobody can help you, contact us!

Jordy de Jong

Data Strategist


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