With Thinkwise we help our customers to replace legacy core systems

Develop custom core applications using low-code

The world is changing rapidly. For example, the growth of low-code development is no longer a trend. In fact, it is a given. In the world of core applications where complex processes are leading, Thinkwise offers the solution to replace legacy applications. How do we approach that? By increasing the agility and flexibility in and of core systems.

Focused on modeling your unique business process

Thinkwise is the platform to transform core systems using low-code. Not by adapting your business processes to the possibilities of the systems, but by adapting the system with Thinkwise and connecting it to your (unique) business process. This way an organization is flexible and agile. So that you can respond to changes and distinguish yourself as much as possible from the competition. With Thinkwise you modernize the application landscape on the way to a future-oriented and sustainable future!

This flexibility and maneuverability can be created within multiple systems such as:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning;
  • Transport Management Systems;
  • Field Service Management;
  • Legacy Uniface and RPG applications.

Let Thinkwise transform your legacy core systems

Our partnership is built on the ambition to grow and transform the world of legacy core applications. Together we believe that it is possible to free organizations from the legacy that makes it impossible to transform as an organization. We put an end to having to adapt the business processes so that they fit the standards of legacy packages.

The specialists from Incentro and Thinkwise are ready for our customers to deal with legacy applications. Using the low-code platform, we model applications in such a way that they optimally match the business processes. Being able to respond flexibly and quickly to changes is an important key in this. With this we enable your organization to distinguish itself from the competition.

Edwin Nooijen

Edwin is Sales manager and helps your organization with everything when it comes to Content, Process & Records Management. We make an impact together with smart solutions!


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