Turning your data into value for your organisation and customers.

You have lots of data available within your organisation. This data is located in sources such as your CRM and ERP (structured data) and is created by sources such as email, sensors and social media (unstructured data). But before all this data can be turned into value for your organisation and your customers, you first need to collect, orchestrate, understand and combine this data to make it useful. For this we use Pentaho: a modern data integration, orchestration and business analytics platform.

Pentaho is more than just an ETL tool (extract, transform and load) for your data; it is an end-to-end platform for all your data challenges. From access all of your data in any source to providing valuable insights to make the right business decisions based on analytics. And everything in between; such as ETL (without coding!), data lakes, subsets and analytics. It is a platform that can take care of the whole process instead of having a different tool for each data component. Our data engineers and Business Intelligence consultants love this service and that's why we are a Pentaho partner.

Pentaho partner

Incentro is the largest Pentaho partner in the Netherlands: with a team of smart data engineers and Business Intelligence consultants we have done the most Pentaho implementations and we have the largest number of certified people (for both implementations and training) employed. Everything is in place to turn your data into value!

Pentaho end-to-end data platform

The Pentaho platform helps us to quickly collect your data, combine structured data and unstructured data and apply analytics and Business Intelligence to it. The results are visualisations and reports of data with which you can make better business decisions that are of value to your organisation.

For more information about Pentaho, please visit their website:

Pentaho is part of Hitachi Vantara

Erwin Schoonderbeek

Erwin is Sales manager and responsible for the data and Business Intelligence proposition within Incentro; my mission is turning your data into value!

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