Contentful is how modern companies work with content.

Contentful is how modern companies work with content. It’s content infrastructure for creating and managing content, backed by the tools for delivering it anywhere.

With Contentful, developers and editors can work simultaneously to ship digital products faster. It’s future-proof and cloud-native. No matter the content, no matter the platform — Contentful delivers.


To break it down, content infrastructure unies content into one place while still keeping it flexible. Developers get a cloud-native, API-centric platform that’s simple to streamline and customize. Editors get a simple web app that lets them write or upload any content without having to go back to developers for every change.


Contentful is part of the DXS alliance, which includes Optimizely, Atlassian, AWS and more. It formalizes what cutting-edge companies are already doing: buying and assembling the best software solutions in a lean, tailored, pay-as-you-go model.

This specialization alleviates the pain that customers experience when working with vendors that promise to do everything but, in the end, can’t deliver consistently high quality across the board.

Dennis de Weerd

Dennis launched the Incentro Africa office to make a positive impact on the world. He is generally curious and very excited about the potential that cloud technology brings and how that can have a huge impact on companies and individuals.


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