SBM Bank’s migration to G Suite without data loss or downtime

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Our impact

Come together, right now

SBM Bank Group is a trusted financial service provider in Africa. They came to Kenya in 2017 and started a tremendous growth plan; acquiring Fidelity Bank and Chase Bank. Their rebranding strategy was to consolidate both separate and different domains into one:

They were on their way to becoming the country’s leading bank, but with such growth comes more complex communication. And that is exactly why Incentro introduced G Suite.

The challenge

Migrating without anyone noticing

The challenge was to migrate all the acquired data. This had to be moved from their old domains into one main domain. To make it even more complex all clients, employees and other stakeholders still had to use the data during the migration.

G Suite was flexible enough to do just this. Luckily, Chase Bank already had 950 G Suite users, but they still needed to move from that domain to the consolidated domain.

The process

The old and new came together

The transfer started as soon as SBM Bank chose Incentro as their partner of choice. The 950 existing G Suite users from Chase Bank were the starting point. After this transfer, Incentro focused on the new users. Over 2 to 3 days, 160 users from Fidelity Bank were transferred to SBM Bank.

“The G Suite experience is seamless, the ease with which the products are integrated gives our employees the power to achieve anything they needed.” Sahil Arya, VP and Head of IT at SBM Bank of Kenya.

The solution

Smooth sailing to G Suite

G Suite brought together all the needs of SBM Bank: one place to store data and the ability to keep on communicating and collaborating effectively. With their customer focused approach, this solution fitted perfectly.

Seamless migration There was no data loss whatsoever

Zero downtime Every client, employee or other stakeholder could access the data during the migration

Extra security G Suite’s reporting and visibility added to the security

Saving cost They can save costs through deprecating third party backup and security solutions.

The result

Utilising every G Suite asset

Over 1,000 employees at 53 branches of SBM Bank Kenya now have a cost-effective collaboration and communication platform. It ensures that all users can access data anytime and on the go.

Different teams within SBM Bank use G Suite in their own way. The IT team gain from the strong security aspect, while legal compliances can be fulfilled using Google Vault. Marketing have promoted their YouTube Business Account to convey their brand message effectively reaching the right audience. Win Win Win!

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