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By Dennis de Weerd | 16 July 2020
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Parents who are working remotely, are struggling with the role conflict of parent and colleague. More and more initiatives arise to provide online learning possibilities for children. And, preferably, with the latest technology. Nice possibilities, right? Though one thing is forgotten: not all children have the resources to study from home. Early April 2020, we called with Stichting BOOR. The BOOR foundation has a mission and vision to maximize the opportunities for children in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They provide education that contributes to the talents of each individual student. Every student, including children who don’t have access to the latest devices and tools. They should also be able to learn at home, right?

In the Netherlands, every child has equal opportunities for education. The fact that parents have little budget for buying a laptop or tablet should not make the difference for a child’s opportunity to study. Stichting BOOR came with a solution. During the corona outbreak, their mission became even more clear: make sure learning from home is possible for all children, regardless of their family situation. As soon as possible, we established a new project to provide children with e-learning possibilities.

The challenge

The economy, but certainly also education, requires flexibility and continuity. The longer we hesitate during the corona outbreak, the longer the after-effects are noticeable. This is the same for a child’s education: children have to continue learning. Unfortunately, many schools and foundations don’t have the tools to provide e-learning from home. Stichting BOOR, a chain of 80 schools, had an extra challenge: a percentage of their students are underprivileged. It means that their parents don’t have access to laptops and tablets due to their economic situation. Therefore, taking online classes is quite a challenge.

‘When Stichting BOOR indicated that more than 1,600 children didn't have the right tools to learn at home, we grabbed this opportunity to create a valuable contribution. We gathered the right team to makes this happen, and three days later we succeeded: we provided the right tools to those children. In these times, it’s all about helping one another.’ Ricardo Caeiro - Incentro

Because of the motivation to help, more organizations got excited to contribute. 1,630 Chromebooks were donated! But there was also another challenge, Stichting BOOR didn’t have a central digital environment available to arrange everything. In other cases, this could take a year, but our goal was clear: within 1,5 weeks they had to be up-and-running.

The process

Ready, set, go! Within three days of delivering the Chromebooks, we went from unpacking, scanning, and labeling, to registering G Suite and the e-learning environment. Two days later, the Chromebooks were ready to use. The role division? Foundation Verre Bergen donated the Chromebooks. Interns and colleagues from Stichting BOOR unpacked everything. Ten students from the IT campus delivered the Chromebooks, and we integrated G Suite, and the e-learning environment. The result? More than 1,900 children are now working remotely on a Chromebook.

These contributions are contagious! Telecom providers are also helping by handing out WiFi routers to those who need it the most. Talking about teamwork...

‘It was great to see that Incentro helped us from their intrinsic motivation. They offered help because they believe the less privileged children should receive support.' - Titus Langeveld - Stichting Boor

Why Incentro

We’ve already noticed the changes before: everything becomes digital. Still, this radical digital change hit us like an earthquake: sudden and with an immediate impact. The corona crisis forces us to shift and to embrace this change. At a rapid speed, we needed to integrate G Suite for these schools. Through our motivation to help, our expertise, and our close collaboration with Google Cloud, we were able to make this happen at a relentless pace. It took only 1,5 days to get this project started.

‘Especially now, during the corona crisis, flexibility and agility were essential. Incentro is pro-active and has lots of knowledge about IT, whereby we could take action after only 1,5 days.’ - Titus Langeveld, Stichting BOOR

Did we reach our goal of 1,5 week? Definitely! After signing our collaboration on Wednesday, everything was set and ready to go on Tuesday.

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