For the sixteenth year in a row, we managed to grow. Our preliminary 2021 figures show a turnover of more than 60 million euros, which indicates a growth of 7.3% compared to 2020. Great momentum in a year where we celebrated our 25th Anniversary.

Stef Lagomatis, Board Member Incentro: “In the past year, we embraced our new purpose: Enabling Sustainable Growth. We believe that growth creates opportunities for everyone. Not only for the company and our employees but as well as for our clients, partners, and our planet. We established solid growth in 2021. We combined quantitative with qualitative growth. Besides our revenue, we grew, exponentially, with 100 new employees. This required investments at the expense of our 2021 profit, which came in half compared to our 2020 profit.”

It shows that the current job market for IT specialists stays undiminished competitive. Many IT companies follow a buy-and-build strategy in order to continue their growth.

Up till now, we have been able to realize autonomous growth. Lagomatis explains why: “Within the IT consultancy industry it’s all about the people. We have a strong company culture in which we are able to grow at our own strength which has resulted in a top 3 Great Place to Work nomination for the past years in the Netherlands. Last year we were more successful than the previous year in connecting talent to our company in a more sustainable way. At the same time, we also succeeded in attracting new talent. Lesser exits and more new hires mean increasing growth. Results of resources versus financial growth will be visual in 2022. Now, that the organization consists of more than 450 people, the culture is firmly entrenched to make these acquisitions possible.”

People are increasingly online. Especially in the current disposition, the digital growth of companies is changing rapidly. The so-called “digital natives” focus only on digital business with their clients.

Lagomatis: “Our clients continue to invest in their digital channels. They ask for systems that can be developed quickly and connect seamlessly to serve their clients online in the best digital way. This will continue to stay the trend for 2022. By offering our low-code, e-commerce. customer experience, data, and Google Cloud solutions, we can provide the exact required demand in digital acceleration and integrations to our clients”

An important milestone in our qualitative growth in 2022 is to obtain the Managed Service Provider (MSP) certificate from our Google partner. This certificate means that our service is at an undeniable high level and we can offer our (potential) clients an autonomous quality assurance on our Google services.

Since January 1, 2022, our employees will only be able to lease electric cars and are encouraged to use public transport. In addition, a CO2 baseline measurement has been carried out and we are looking in different ways to reduce our emissions. This is in order to reach our goal to be completely CO2 neutral by 2025.