Every day, brand new technological possibilities become available. Utilizing them to build new innovative solutions, brings great opportunities to us and changes our lives rapidly. But keeping up with these changes, is often a challenge for universities. How do you offer a curriculum which keeps up with ever-changing technology? And how do you make sure graduates have a relevant skillset to meet the market demand of tomorrow?

At the same time, companies also have a responsibility in making sure that graduates have access to relevant new technologies and are building the right skillset. In the end, finding the right employees is very important and a big challenge for technology companies that rely on knowledge workers instead of production workers.

Edulink International College Nairobi and Incentro joined forces to offer relevant knowledge to the Edulink students. Incentro has 300 highly specialized consultants working in the Netherlands, Kenya, Spain and Turkey. They work for many large companies in multiple areas of expertise. By intensive collaboration they are able to close the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge in coaching sessions, internships and workshops for the students of Edulink. This brings more value to the Edulink students and gives Incentro access to young professionals who are suited for the work of today.

Last week was the kick-off of the collaboration, with a practical workshop in which students learned how to iteratively develop software solutions using the SCRUM software development framework. Guided by Scrum trainer Dennis de Weerd, students learned how you can work Agile and how to apply the SCRUM framework to your projects.