Let’s embrace change worldwide

Incentro will donate €10 in your name to KIVA. KIVA is an international non profit organisation that wants to create good in the world. A lot of good! By crowdfunding loans, KIVA is able to give access to funds to people worldwide. Let’s help!

It’s not a donation, it’s a loan

KIVA makes sure that people around the world, who don’t have access to a bank, can get the financial services they need. By lending instead of giving money farmers and families can invest in their businesses on the long term. A sustainable solution that makes a community thrive.

Fund a loan, get repaid, fund another

How? Due to crowdfunding. By lending alongside thousands of people worldwide, KIVA created a sustainable way to create economic and social good. Lenders receive payment over time, based on the given repayment schedule and the borrowers ability to repay. And because it’s a loan the money can be used over and over again!

Support ambition, everywhere

At Incentro we believe in ambition, entrepreneurship and responsibility. That’s why we want to for example support a group of women in Guatemala to buy thread and start a business and help men in Palestine to go to school. Pretty awesome, right?

What you have to do is here pretty simple:

  • Leave your data down below
  • That's it!

Now let's get it started!

By filling in your contact details we are able to make the donation. But more importantly, we can keep you up to date on what steps have been made with the donation.

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