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Do you know the feeling that you are sure information on a certain subject is stored somewhere within the organization, but you really do not remember where? Or would you like to know if there happens to be information available on a subject you are planning to write a document about? 

By introducing Enterprise Search within your organization you can easily answer these questions for you and your employees. Just like, Enterprise Search allows you to search within ALL the information sources of the company. Now you do not have to remember what source was used to store the data; just Google! 

 Every organization has large amounts of information and the supply continues to grow. For the knowledge workers it has become practically impossible to know exactly what information is available and where it is stored. The solution is a search engine that shows the exact content and location so that it no longer matters where the information is located and all information is available to be shared. This can be done with Enterprise Search. For every organization, Incentro provides a search solution that fits. 

The information has to be available and usable to the knowledge worker. The knowledge worker should have the proper access rights, the knowledge worker should be able to determine whether the information is relevant and understandable. When all these conditions are met, the knowledge worker can make optimal use of the information and benefit from it. 

A good search solution will save the knowledge worker and the organization: 

  • A lot of time and annoyance,
  • Avoids duplication of effort,
  • Provides better cooperation and coordination,
  • Avoids incorrect decisions based on incomplete information.

Incentro’s vision is that Enterprise Search provides the knowledge worker with insight into all available business information, such as documents, email, social media, reports and so on. However, there are several ways to achieve the same result.

The question then is: “What exactly does the customer want to achieve with this solution?”. We see it as buying a car. Not everyone feels the urge or has the money to drive a custom made car but every customer wants to have the right feeling with the product that he purchases and the solution that comes with it.

Incentro is not a product seller but a problem solver. This means that we are capable of finding an adequate solution for our customers’ challenges.  Often, the fast and relatively cheap solution of Google Enterprise – the Google Search Appliance (GSA) – is the perfect solution for our customers. In case the customer is looking for a customized solution for a specific challenge, Incentro works with Lucene/Solr or other high end suppliers.