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Business Process Management

Understand your organization

By mapping business processes, you get an insight in your organization and improvement opportunities become visible. Incentro is specialized in analyzing, modeling and implementing your processes. As a result, your organization becomes more efficient, costs are reduced and the time to market becomes shorter. Incentro’s consultants have the expertise to advise and assist in the modeling of your processes and improvements to this. The first step is that Incentro works with your organization to clarify the business processes and improvement possibilities. The second step offers the greatest benefit for your organization; the successful implementation of the improved and / or desired processes.

In every company business processes are supported by IT and when you want to make business improvements, your existing information systems can be a limiting factor in the implementation. Therefore, Incentro formed a partnership with Cordys.


Using the Cordys Business Operations Platform (BOP) you can go one step further than just modeling processes. You can also make them executable, in other words, connect them to the existing information systems and actually implement them by doing so. You can model the processes to the needs and demands of your organization; Cordys takes care of the connection with the existing IT landscape. To put it in a nutshell, Cordys allows you to design, execute, monitor, change and continuously optimize your business processes. BOP can be used in the cloud as well as within your own network. This provides the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction due to optimized processes.
  • Decisive and rapid time to market because of the speed and flexibility with which processes can be adjusted.
  • Fewer investments are needed to adjust your existing IT systems to process changes.

Incentro’s strength lies in the fact that you get an advice in which the technical possibilities are taken into account from the start. This results in feasible and implementable advices which are directly applicable. Our BPM and Cordys experts are happy to help and advise you.