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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence ensures that data is translated into information and eventually inspiration. This allows employees to make faster and better decisions.

In order to translate data into inspiration, a few steps need to be taken. Determine the goal of the organization, the work processes, the environment and the information needed to achieve the goal. What direction does the organization wish to go? Determine what environment will serve as a basis for the new approach, the systems you will use and information sources. This is architecture. Insight in the data that is needed, both inside and outside the organization, to get the information. We look at all data sources. Determine the necessary steps to edit the data in order to get information. Here we connect the data sources. Help employees to get inspiration from the information. Here they work with the tools.

In order to get a clear insight in the organization and architecture various techniques are used, such as quick scans to discover in what direction you want to go and also the business, data and application architecture to clearly put down the conditions. Incentro uses methods and tools for data quality, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and data warehouse for determining data sources and making them available. Inspiration towards employees is achieved by providing proper tools to support them. For example reports or self service BI tools. Incentro can help you with these steps but it can also execute parts of it. If, for example, you already have a clear goal, we will not determine this again but we will take this as a basis for the remaining steps.