Wietse Sluimer


Consultant in a wide variety of internet-related areas like functional and interaction design, content management, search engine optimization and advertising. My goal is to educate and inspire others to take their online ambitions to a higher level.


Being a consultant, I like to be involved from the start where it comes to planning an online project.  I emphasize the importance of being able to measure the succes of online marketing. Together with the project team I try to determin the key performance indicators of a project which can be measured, both during and at the end of a project. 


After a project has been deployed I like to step in and tweak what's been delivered to optimize for the goals. Helping the client to efficiëntly reach their goal is key.


Since my employment at Incentro, I started blogging about my work. Please find my personal blog at: http://www.cloudfocus.nl