Inspiration \ Cases \ Provincie Zuid-Holland - Datawarehousing at Province of South-Holland
Provincie Zuid-Holland - Datawarehousing at Province of South-Holland

The province of South-Holland wants to operate more businesslike. Departments are given targets that need to be achieved. To have and keep the focus on the targets it is essential to provide good control information at different levels. This control information must be accurate, easy to consult and it must be provided quickly.

The required data for control information were stored in several source systems, there were no standard definitions and the quality of the data was poor. As a solution, Incentro designed a Business Intelligence solution, consisting of a Data Warehouse, Data Marts, the accompanying ETL software and a Dashboard.

Using Data Vault modeling, the Data Warehouse is designed to offer maximum flexibility for future changes. Using star modeling, the Data Marts are designed in a way that the required data can easily be unlocked.

The control information is published via a dashboard. With this dashboard the information workers can easily monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs). Incentro also helped to set up the management system.

As a result of the introduction of the dashboard there is an increased focus on the achievements of the Province of South-Holland, there is rapid intervention when unwanted events take place and decisions are better supported