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Infinitas Learning - Documentum at Infinitas Learning

Infinitas Learning (the former European education publishing arm of Wolters Kluwer) used EMC Documentum for supporting the primary processes, publishing learning materials, in print as well as in digital form. This solution is used in the Netherlands and England and should soon become active for the German and Swedish establishments.

In Incentro, Infinitas Learning found a party for managing the existing environment and besides that Incentro also acts as a partner for the development of the system. Incentro believes it is important to have close contact with the end users within Infinitas Learning and to have them operate more independently. Incentro monitors the design principles of the solution by working within the standard capabilities of EMC Documentum as much as possible.

Jos Wilschut, CTO Infinitas Learning: “Incentro is a great company to work with because they offer more than the traditional supplier relationship. Incentro tries to acquire a position in the information provision market that covers more than just providing implementations and consultancy. Incentro puts great emphasis on the knowledge worker’s continuous quest in a rapidly changing world of information provision and the company also tries to find the right solution together with its customers. Furthermore, I know that Incentro will provide me with young, enthusiastic employees with potentially the best knowledge of the ECM field in the Netherlands.”