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Big Data @ Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer is a global information services provider for medical, legal and financial professionals. In the Netherlands they are market leader and is now 75% of their revenues from online services, tools and software. They provide these digital products to professionals who trust their information in making the right decisions. Wolters Kluwer supports and simplifies the working process in a...

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Infinitas Learning - Documentum at Infinitas Learning

Infinitas Learning (the former European education publishing arm of Wolters Kluwer) used EMC Documentum for supporting the primary processes, publishing learning materials, in print as well as in digital form. This solution is used in the Netherlands and England and should soon become active for the German and Swedish establishments.
In Incentro, Infinitas Learning found a party for...

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Bestuursdienst Amsterdam - Working digitally

MotivationDocument processing can be done more efficiently and more effectively. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen in Amsterdam ordered the introduction of digital working; a digital method and digital archive at Amsterdam’s Bestuursdienst. Within the Bestuursdienst, this was sometimes expressed as ‘all paper is scrap paper’.
AimThe aim is to digitize the Bestuursdienst. This can be brought...

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Provincie Zuid-Holland - Datawarehousing at Province of South-Holland

The province of South-Holland wants to operate more businesslike. Departments are given targets that need to be achieved. To have and keep the focus on the targets it is essential to provide good control information at different levels. This control information must be accurate, easy to consult and it must be provided quickly.
The required data for control information were stored in...

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