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25 Nov
CIO: the path to de-extinction paul.baan

At a recent CIO Roundtable I attended the position of CIO’s in general was discussed. We started of by taking a look at recent developments that seem to affect the CIO position. First of all, the technological component of everyday business operations is increasing. Take the marketing competence. Most marketing departments have some sort of digital component, usually managed by a person...

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17 Apr
Better SEO ranking by optimisation of site structure and content wietse.sluimer

Almost every SEO report I write contains some kind of advice on stripping unnecessary HTML, Javascript or CSS for better content to structure ratio. Almost every website contains excessive code which has effect on your SEO rankings. Think of on-page Javascript or CSS which is loaded at every page request, this should not be in the HTML page. It should rather be relocated to it's own...

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04 Mar
Track outgoing links using jQuery and Google Analytics wietse.sluimer

Site owners using Google Analytics might know about Event Tracking, a feature with a lot of potential. This blog is about using jQuery to set up the tracking of outgoing links (or outbound links). The content is meant for sites using the asynchronous Analytics. Not sure if you're using it? Check the source code of your webpage for the following string:
If it's...

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24 Feb
Why your website needs interaction design wietse.sluimer

In my previous blog I mentioned interaction design as an important aspect of qualifying leads. With each visitor having it's own goal, it's almost impossible to please everyone. But you CAN define the so-called personas which cover the largest part of your visitors. Learn about who your visitors are by doing research on your current website and talking to your website users one-on-one....

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