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About Incentro

Expansion, increase, increment. That is how Wikipedia describes growth. Incentro believes in growth, in development. Philosopher Bas Haring once very clearly explained how we can look at growth. He used the forest as a metaphor. In a forest, tall and small trees compete for light, water and nutrients. Tall trees have an advantage here. They reach higher and catch more light. Their roots dig deeper and therefore they reach deeper water and nutrients.

For a small tree, this is no reason not to grow. Staying behind means less light, less water and fewer nutrients. A combination that eventually will mean the end of the small tree. Simply because the other trees do grow and in the end they will claim all sources.

For Incentro, growth is a fact. Growth leads to dynamism. And dynamism leads to opportunities. Opportunities to serve clients in a different, more innovative and inspiring way. And opportunities for our employees to develop themselves.

Our successful growth has been awarded several times over the past few years. Incentro received the FD Gazellen Award and the High Growth Award. Also, in the last two years Incentro was among the Dutch Fast 50 and the European Fast 500. Besides this, Incentro was given the highest credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet.

Let this be proof that we manage our growth well.